Serving Trinidad and Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean 


About Us

Connect Consulting believes that Caribbean businesses can harness information technology in simple, flexible, and non-traditional ways.

We offer products and services to enable businesses of all sizes to make their operations more efficient within the real constraints of budget, staff and skills on hand.

To help clients get the performance and information they need from their IT investments, we spend the time to understand their business and objectives. We are not software resellers. As an independent consultancy, we objectively assess business requirements and recommend affordable and appropriate solutions for inventory management, web service delivery, CRM or management of business data.

Based in Trinidad & Tobago, established in 2007. Connect Consulting Ltd is VAT-registered.


As Caribbean people, our business revolves around forging and maintaining strong relationships. We work with a select group of vendors and service providers to offer clients integrated and locally supported solutions in:

  • Health, Safety and Environment information and process management. We are an authorized implementation partner for the premier industrial incident reporting/audit/compliance tool for large enterprises in oil and gas, manufacturing, and other industrial environments: AIRSWEB.
  • Data collection on the field. We develop online forms especially suited to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, using the innovative Canvas platform. Clients enjoy reduced cost, reduced error rates, and shorter lead times for all types of data collection, including audits, compliance reports, market research, and control of assets in the field.
  • Field research. Our primary research partner, Caribbean Development Strategies, operates in all Caribbean territories.