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Getting Rid of Paper Forms Saves More than Trees

Caribbean Development Strategies, a leading research and strategy firm, needed a faster way to get its primary research data (surveys and questionnaires) from the field to a central database for analysis. The “field” could be anywhere from a busy downtown in any Caribbean country, to a remote rural community with no Internet. Field workers have varying levels of writing skills and experience.

Connect Consulting delivered an easy-to-use Android app for use on smartphones, tablets or iPads. Whether the survey staff are online or offline, survey input is entered by simple, touch-responsive menus and options, with minimal typing. Each record is stored securely, and submitted with one click, whenever an Internet connection is available–optionally via a SIM card on the mobile device.

The result? Virtually no down time between face to face data collection and database updates; fewer inaccuracies due to handwriting and paper loss; and no need for data entry staff to transcribe information.

Think an online form could help your business to collect orders, report incidents, or sign up customers? It’s easier than you think, and you don’t need a complex enterprise system on the “back end” to do it.

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